Canmore Local Routes 5C and 5T

Canmore Local is fare free!

Roam Route 5 services many areas of Canmore using two separate routes. Route 5C services the Cougar Creek area of town, and the 5T provides service to the Three Sisters area. Each route departs from the downtown 9th Street Transit Hub (by artsPlace) seven days a week.

Canmore Local Service – General Route FAQs

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Route Specific FAQ

Where does the route go?

The routing for Canmore Route 5 uses two different buses to travel to the Cougar Creek (5C) area and Three Sisters (5T) area.

What time does service start/end?

Generally, the service starts at 6am and runs until 11pm.

Where are the bus stops, and what do they look like?

Bus stops are located in convenient spots throughout Canmore. See our route and stop map for locations.

What does it cost to ride Canmore local service?

Canmore Local Routes 5T & 5C are Fare Free for all.

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