Commuter Reservations

Commuter Reservation Information

Reservable 10-ride and monthly passes are available for frequent commuters!

For regular commuters traveling between Lake Louise and Banff via Roam Transit, we strongly recommend investing in a Reservable Commuter (Flex) Pass, especially during the busy summer season (May-Oct). Selecting a reservable Flex Pass with Roam offers discounted rates for your daily travels, between your home, workplace or school.

With your Reservable Commuter (Flex) Pass, you can reserve your seat in advance, ensuring availability for your preferred travel date and time. This convenient feature is accessible through our online reservation system, enabling customers to seamlessly select their desired travel date and time.

Reservations for Commuter Passes are subject to availability, and we highly recommend making reservations as early as possible, especially for the period between May and October.

To acquire your Reservable Commuter (Flex) Pass, simply click the button below. Once obtained, you can proceed to make reservations using your Flex Pass redemption code through the same “Reserve Now” button provided below:

Lake Louise Express Route 8XAdult +19Seniors +65Youth 13-18
One-Way Fare$10$5$5
10 Flex Pass$67.50$33.75$33.75
Monthly (31) Flex Pass$110$55$55
93 Flex Pass$267n/an/a
186 Flex Pass$502.50n/an/a

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase my Commuter Pass?

Please click on the “Reserve now” button above and choose the commuter pass you wish to purchase. Remember to select the correct start date for your pass as it cannot be changed later.

How do I make reservations once I have purchased my Commuter Pass?

After purchasing your pass, you have two options to make a reservation. You can either follow the link provided in your email or click the “Reserve Now” button above and enter your code in the “Redeem an item” box. Remember, you’ll always need your Commuter/Flex Pass code—a 27-digit unique code starting with “FP”—to complete the reservation.

There’s no availability for the departure I would like to book – is there anything I can do?

We reccommend making reservations as soon as you can. However, we acknowledge that this might not always be feasible, and availability could be restricted. If you encounter difficulty in reserving your preferred departure, please consult your confirmation email for instructions on next steps.

I need to make a change to a reservation I made with my Commuter Pass and I can’t do it online, what can I do?

For any adjustments needed to your reservations, please refer to the contact details provided in your confirmation email.

I want to cancel a reservation I made with my Commuter Pass and I can’t do it online, how can I proceed?

Please consult your confirmation email for information on whom to contact regarding cancellations of reservations. Please make sure to do so before your departure day to allow us sufficient time to process your request.