Banff Local – Lake Minnewanka Route 6

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Roam Route 6 services the rugged and beautiful Lake Minnewanka. This summer only service leaves from downtown Banff and takes approximately 25 minutes to reach the lake. Stops along the way include Cascade Ponds, Two Jack Lake campgrounds and day use area, and Johnson Lake.

Banff Local Service – General Route FAQs

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Route Specific FAQ

When is Minnewanka Route 6 local service scheduled to start?

This service has resumed for the summer 2024 season until October 6th.

Where does the route go?

The Minnewanka Route 6 travel froms downtown Banff to Lake Minnewanka via the Lake Minnewanka Road. Stops along with way will include Cascade Ponds, Johnson Lake, Two Jack Lakeside Campground, Two Jack Main Campground, Two Jack Day Use Area, and finally Lake Minnewanka. The bus will then continue back to Banff along the same route on its way to Banff with stops at Johnson Lake, and the Banff High School.

Where are the bus stops, and what do they look like?

Bus stops are located along the way to Lake Minnewanka. See our route and stop map for locations.

What does it cost to ride the Minnewanka service?

Minnewanka fares for 2024 are $2 for Adult and $1 for Seniors/Youth & Children under 12 travel free. Registered campers can depart from the campsite bus stops for free. Return travel back to the campgrounds is full fare listed above. Look here for detailed fare information.

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