General Route FAQ

Can I bring my bike on board?

Roam buses are equipped with exterior bike racks, allowing for the transportation of up to 3 bikes per bus. For details on our Bike Policy, please refer to the provided link, and find a brief instructional video on loading your bike onto the external racks below.

Can I bring my pet on board?

Roam buses permit pets, provided they are appropriately crated. Service dogs are always welcome onboard. For more information, please review our Pet Policy available here.

Can I bring my stroller on board?

Yes, strollers are allowed on all Roam buses. However, to ensure the comfort and safety of all passengers, we kindly request that strollers are collapsed or folded while onboard to keep the aisle clear. Please note that larger strollers, such as Chariots, may not be permitted if they obstruct the middle aisle when folded.

Are your buses wheelchair accessible?

Yes, all Roam buses are fully accessible, equipped with wheelchair ramps and kneeling capabilities to facilitate boarding and disembarking for all passengers. For further information, please consult our Transportation policies under Accessible Vehicles.

Will there be service on statutory holidays?

Yes, there will be service provided on all statutory holidays.

Can I bring my skis/snowboard/stroller on board?

Yes, skis/snowboard/strollers are welcome on board all Roam buses. We do require that passengers hold onto their skis and snowboards throughout the trip, and that the aisle is kept free and clear for all passengers. This may require strollers to be collapsed/folded while on the bus.