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Canmore Local Service

Roam Route 5 services many areas of Canmore, running from the Cougar Creek area to Three Sisters, seven days a week. The weekends see additional service to the Canmore Nordic Centre. Watch for the buses wrapped in authentic Bow Valley wildlife imagery around Town and at a stop near you.

Canmore local service bus route and bus stop map.

Transfer Policy - Bike Policy - Pet Policy - Smart Card Policy

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • When is Canmore local service scheduled to start?

    Canmore local service is scheduled to begin November 1st at noon.

  • Where does the route go?

    The Canmore Route 5 will travel from downtown Canmore to Cougar Creek and out to Three Sisters area. Weekend service will see stops at the Canmore Nordic Centre! See here for a detailed route and bus stop map.

  • What time does service start/end?

    Service start and end times vary a little depending on weekday or weekends. Generally, the service starts weekday mornings at 6am, and Saturday service starts at 8am, and Sunday service starts at 9am. Service end times also vary slightly depending on the day of the week. Weekday service runs until 9pm Monday to Wednesday, with service extended until 10pm Thursday and Friday. Saturday and Sunday service runs until 8pm.

  • Where can I find a schedule?

    The Canmore Route 5 schedule will be available on our web site as well as at our Canmore vendor locations.

  • Will the weekday and weekend routes change?

    Yes. During weekdays, the routing will go out to Cougar Creek area, and come back to the town centre along the same route - referred to as an "out-and-back" routing. On weekends, the route still goes out to Cougar Creek area, but does NOT return along the same route. Instead the route comes back to the town centre via Bow Valley Trail. With this time saving routing on weekends, we are able to provide weekend routing to the Canmore Nordic Centre! Look here for a Canmore local service route and bus stop map.

  • Will there be service on statutory holidays?

    Yes, there will be service provided on all statutory holidays - however the service provided will be a Sunday schedule service - meaning route/schedule on a statutory holiday will match Sunday service.

  • Where are the bus stops, and what do they look like?

    Bus stops are located throughout Canmore and will look like this. See our route and stop map for locations.

  • What does it cost to ride Canmore local service?

    Canmore local service will be FREE for the first 2 months of service! After this time, fares will be the same as Banff local service. $2 for Adult cash fare, with discounts for monthly passes, 10 ride passes, day passes etc. Look here for detailed fare information.

  • Can I bring my bike on board?

    Exterior bike racks are provided on all Canmore local service buses. Each bus can carry up to 3 bikes at a time. Look here for our Bike Policy, and scroll down for a short video on how to load your bike on the external bike racks.

  • Can I bring by pet on board?

    Dogs and cats are allowed on Roam buses, as long as they are crated. See our Pet Policy here for details.

  • Can I bring my skis/snowboard/stroller on board?

    Yes, skis/snowboard/strollers are welcome on board all Roam buses. We do require that passengers hold onto their skis and snowboards throughout the trip, and that the aisle is kept free and clear for all passengers. This may require strollers to be collapsed/folder while on the bus.

  • What do your buses look like?

    Canmore local service Route 5 buses are fuel efficient 30 foot long, fully accessible public transit buses. Keep an eye out for the Cougar bus and the Lynx bus. See here for an image of the Cougar bus! The Lynx bus will be unveiled soon!

  • Are your buses wheelchair accessible?

    Yes, all Roam buses are fully accessible with wheel chair ramp and kneeling capabilities to make getting on and off easier for everyone.

GPS real-time information system
You will notice LED signs at select stops around Canmore - the number of LED signs will grow over time as we gather ridership details to indicate high-use stops. The GPS real-time information system is designed to tell you how long until the next bus arrives. No more waiting. No more guessing.

Does your stop not have an LED sign? No problem, you can still track your bus arrival online or using your smart device - just specify your route and stop.

View Real Time GPS Tracking

How to pay for your ride on Roam
Canmore local transit service is free of charge from November 1 to December 31.

Electronic fare boxes are on each bus. These will accept a variety of payment methods: Canadian and American bills and coins, Roam tokens, tickets and passes. In addition to daily passes, one-month, three-month and six-month passes are also available.

Further information on current rates and pass purchasing locationsMore Info

Low-income transit pass
Low-income transit passes for Canmore local service are available through the Town of Canmore's Community Social Development department. As a Town of Canmore initiative, Canmore town residents may be eligible through an application process. For more information or to register, please contact Family & Community Services, Town of Canmore 403 609 3743 or visit Canmore Civic Centre, 902 7th Ave.