Banff/Canmore Regional | Roam Transit

Banff-Canmore Regional Service

The Regional Service between Banff and Canmore provides a quick, convenient, and environmentally conscious way to travel. Leave your vehicle where it is, don’t worry about trying to find parking or National Park Gate line ups. Enjoy your ride!

  • Trips from Banff to Canmore leave on the hour (eg. 09:00, 10:00, 11:00, etc).
  • Trips from Canmore to Banff leave 24 minutes past the hour (eg. 09:24, 10:24, 11:24, etc.).
  • Trip travel time is approximately 24 minutes.
  • *Be sure to check the schedule to see when service starts/ends for weekday and weekend service.

Transfer Policy
Bike Information

Customer Convenience
There are 8 Regional Transit stops located throughout Canmore, 3 of which have digital LED signs telling riders when the next bus will be arriving. Refer to our schedules and route brochure to see where these stops are located. All buses are equipped with the same electronic fare collection system (smart cards) as the Roam local service in Banff.

Regional Fare Product Sales Locations:
Canmore Locations:
  • Canmore Town Hall
  • Shoppers Drug Mart Canmore at 933 Railway Avenue
  • Rusticana Grocery at 801 8 Street (open 6 am to midnight)
Banff Locations:
  • Bow Valley Regional Transit Services Commission Customer Service Centre –
    221 Beaver Street
  • Banff Town Hall – 110 Bear Street
  • Rundle Gift Shop located at 319 Banff Avenue
  • Wild Rose at 127 Banff Avenue
  • Explore Rockies Activity Centres:
    • Brewster Transportation Centre, 100 Gopher Street
    • Banff International hotel, 333 Banff Avenue