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Roam Reservation Information

Our reservation system currently allows customers to select the date and time of their travel on Route 8X - Lake Louise Express. Reservation information regarding Route 8S - Lake Louise Scenic and Route 10 - Moraine Lake will be available in 2024.

There are two options available:

General Reservation
A General Reservation allows to reserve a seat for a single route/trip on Routes 8X. General Reservations can be made by clicking on the “Reservations” button on this page and choosing your departure date, time, and route. Both one-way and round-trip options are available.

Reservable System Wide Day Pass
The Reservable System Wide Day Pass offers unlimited travel on all Roam Transit services and permits reservations for the 8X route between Banff and Lake Louise. This pass is valid exclusively for a single day and will expire at midnight on the day of use.

A 'Reservable System Wide Day Pass' reservation allows you to make a return reservation on Route 8X. Please note that a one-way System Wide Day Pass ticket cannot be purchased, you must book a round-trip. The System Wide Day Pass is a return booking only on the same day, if additional days are selected there will be an additional charge of $25.

Scroll down for Frequently Asked Questions.

You can reserve your tickets by clicking the button below:


Lake Louise Express Route 8X & 8S Adult +19 Seniors +65 Youth 13-18*
One-Way Fare – Lake Louise Express & Scenic $10 $5 $5
Reservable System Wide Pass Adult +19 Seniors +65 Youth 13-18*
Includes unlimited travel on all Roam Transit services. The Reservable System Wide Pass is valid for one day only and will expire at midnight the date of travel. $25 $12.50 $12.50

Fall service to Moraine Lake (September - October only)
Moraine Lake Fall Route 10 Adult +19 Seniors +65 Youth 13-18*
One-Way Fare – Moraine Lake $10 $5 $5
Children 12 and under are free, however still require a reservation

* 18 with High School identification only.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • How do I buy my Reservable System Wide Pass?

    To purchase a Reservable System Wide Pass, you will need to click the "Reservations" button on this page. This will take you to our product options page where you will choose: Reservable System Wide Pass. From here, you will purchase your Reservable System Wide Pass by choosing your date of travel and how many passes you will require for adult, senior, youth or child (although Roam is free for riders 12 and under, they still require a reservation). The next screen will provide you with the departure times on Route 8X for you to make your selection and finally move to the passenger information and payment screens. You can download the ticket to your device after payment, your ticket will also be sent to you by email, please remember to check your junk mail if you have not received your ticket. Please note that if you select a different return date you will be charged for an additional Reservable System Wide Pass.

  • How do I use my Reservable System Wide Pass?

    Arrive at your departure location at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time. Please ensure you have your ticket printed or downloaded prior to arrival. Present your System Wide Pass with QR code to the Roam bus driver when you board - the ticket can be in digital form, or a printed paper ticket. Did you know that your Reservable System Wide Pass is valid for all Roam Transit services as a walk-up passenger for the selected date of travel? Just show your Reservable System Wide Pass ticket to the driver when boarding.

  • Can I travel from Canmore to Lake Louise with my Reservable System Wide Pass?

    Yes, your System Wide Pass is an unlimited day pass on all Roam Transit services. You can travel on the Route 3 – Canmore/Banff Regional service (as a walk-up) to the Banff High School Transit Hub and then transfer with your prescheduled reservation on to the Route 8X – Banff/Lake Louise Express and travel to the Lake Louise Lakeshore.

  • What if I miss my departure time?

    If you are not at the proper stop location 15 minutes prior to your specified departure time on the day of your scheduled reservation, you will be deemed a “No-Show”. Your reservation will be cancelled, and your spot(s) will be made available to other guests. You will still be able to use your ticket on your reservation date, however you will now need to wait in the non-reservation queue for the next available walk-up seat.

  • Can I modify my booking?

    Yes, you can change the date and time of travel up until 2 hours prior to you travel time on the date of departure. Please click here to modify your booking.

  • Can I cancel my ticket?

    Your reservation can be cancelled prior to your departure date and time, it will be subject to a 25% cancellation charge. Phone (403) 762-0606 or email: The reservation fee is non-refundable.

  • Why is there a booking fee?

    The reservation fee is charged per transaction. The fee to make a reservation is $3.00. This fee is non-refundable and helps cover the operating cost of this Reservation Service.

  • Are your buses wheelchair accessible?

    Yes, all Roam buses are fully accessible with wheelchair ramp and kneeling capabilities to make getting on and off easier for everyone. ***Note: At this time, Parks Canada shuttle buses are not wheelchair accessible, and have limited accessibility, please contact Parks Canada directly for more information: 1-877-737-3783.

  • Can I bring my bike on board?

    Exterior bike racks are provided on all Roam Transit buses on a first come first served basis. Each bus can carry up to 3 bikes at a time. Go to our Transportation Policies page to learn more about or Bike Policies and scroll down for a short video on how to load your bike on the external bike racks.

  • Can I bring my stroller on board?

    Yes, strollers are welcome on board all Roam buses. We do require that the aisle is kept free and clear for all passengers. This may require strollers to be collapsed/folded while on the bus. Some larger strollers (Chariots for example) may not be permitted if they are too large when folded and block the middle aisle.

  • Can I bring luggage, or an inflatable Canoe / Kayak / SUP on board?

    Our buses have limited storage space on board. We cannot transport hard shelled Canoes, Kayaks or SUP’s. Any luggage or inflatable water equipment should comfortably fit on your lap for the duration of travel, and must not take up an additional seat or block the aisle at any time. Roam cannot guarantee transportation with these items.

For more information on the reservation system or general inquiry, please contact our Customer Service Centre by clicking the 'Contact Us' button.Contact Us