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Transportation Policies

Transfer Policy

Banff Local Service transfers

Transfers are available from the drivers for service between different local routes and are valid for 45 minutes.

Regional Service onto Banff and Canmore Local Service

Free 60 minute transfer onto the Banff and Canmore local service is included if you have paid for the Regional service.
a) Please ask for a Banff or Canmore local service transfer from the Regional service bus driver at the time of boarding the regional service.
b) Present this transfer to the Banff or Canmore local bus driver upon boarding the Banff or Canmore bus.

Regional 1 day, 3 day and 31 day monthly pass holders do not need a transfer when using the Banff or Canmore local service. Just tap on the Banff or Canmore local service using the pass.

From Banff or Canmore Local Service directly to Regional Service

No free transfers are available from the Banff or Canmore local service to the Regional service. However, you can pay for a Regional service ride when boarding the Banff or Canmore local bus.

For example, if you are planning to take the Regional Service to Canmore but your trip starts on the Banff local service, just pay the Banff local bus driver the regional fare and ask for a transfer on to the Regional service. The transfer is good for 60 minutes.

Pet Policy

Certified assistance animals are allowed on board at no charge. Owners of assistance animals should be prepared to show the animal's verification of training.

Passenger pets are allowed on board at no charge. All pets must be crated in a secure and clean cage designed and intended for the carrying of animals which is small enough to fit on the owner's lap.

Passengers must hold onto the cage at all times and are responsible for the safety of their pet. (If there is room on the bus, cages may be placed beside you on the floor, but the cage should not block the aisle or restrict passenger movement.)

The pet must remain inside the cage at all times.

Bike Policy

Download the Bikes on Buses information sheet.

Smart Card Policy

Roam Public Transit fare products are non-refundable and non-replaceable if lost, stolen, or willfully damaged. Do not punch any holes in the pass; it will damage the embedded chip antenna and cause malfunction of the pass.

Cards that are considered defective (show no visual damage and cannot be queried on the card reader) will be replaced. Contact the Customer Service Centre for deails.

Identification must be presented on request for the purchase of reduced rate passes (Senior, Youth, Child).