Roam in Banff – local transit service

A unique experience in public transit!

On June 2, 2008, Banff became the first municipality in Canada to introduce an all-hybrid electric transit fleet.

Today, our Roam buses are friendly to the environment, with a special look as well.  All buses are wrapped in authentic Banff National Park wildlife imagery, each featuring a unique backcountry view of a mammal that roams Banff National Park:  grizzlies, elk, goats, wolves, fox, moose, bighorn sheep and white-tailed deer.

The Roam transit routes cover much of Banff townsite, and there are bus stops near just about any spot you want to get to. To watch a video on the Banff Roam bus service, click here.

We operate three transit routes within the Town of Banff. See the Maps and Times page for detailed information about bus stops, arrival times and rates.

 Riding the Roam Banff local service

Did you know:

  • Buses are environmentally friendly.
  • They provide a smoother, more comfortable ride.
  • They can accommodate up to 72 passengers (32 seated and 40 standing) and are equipped with bike racks.

Although the video below was not produced for Roam transit, it does outline how to properly and safely load and unload a bike on a Roam transit bike rack.


  • Strollers, skis and snowboards can ride the Roam as well.
  • Buses are also wheelchair friendly, with a fold-out ramp and low floor to assist getting on and off.
  • Service dogs are allowed on board at no charge.
  • Passenger pets are allowed on board at no charge, but all pets must be accompanied by their owner and ‘crated’ in a carrying device designed and intended for the carrying of animals.  The pet must remain inside the carrying device at all times.

GPS real-time information system

You will notice LED signs at ten select stops around town. The GPS real-time information system is designed to tell you how long until the next bus arrives. No more waiting.  No more guessing.

How to pay for your ride on Roam

Electronic fare boxes are on each bus. These will accept a variety of payment methods: Canadian and American bills and coins, tokens, tickets and passes. In addition to daily passes, one-month, three-month and six-month passes are also available.

For current transit rates, specials and locations where you can pick up your bus pass, click on:

Low-income transit pass

Low-income transit passes are available through the Town of Banff Community Services department for the Banff Roam local service only.  As a Town of Banff initiative, Banff town residents may be eligible through an application process. For more information or to register, please contact Community Services, Town of Banff  403 762 1251 or visit Banff Town Hall at 110 Bear Street.

Free transit passes provided when you stay at these Banff accommodations:

Updated on February 2014