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Roam in Banff National Park:
Park Services

Vision for this service
Roam service in Banff National Park is expected to address a gap in the Bow Valley Region tourism experience and attract more overseas visitors who may be more accustomed to not having a personal vehicle and more likely to stay longer if they could access Park activities without a car.

Parks Canada and the BVRTSC are working closely to plan the transit services and necessary infrastructure needed to provide a high quality, efficient public transit service to effectively move all the visitors and patrons that wish to utilize public transit in the Banff – Lake Louise corridor as well as in the upper and lower Lake Louise region.

What it could look like…
The Parks service could initially consist of three routes during the first several years of implementation and would serve popular hiking and camping sites. One route could focus on the sites around Lake Louise including Moraine Lake, another could serve the camping/hiking sites near Highway 1A and connect Banff with Lake Louise, and the third route could start from Banff and make a loop just northeast of Banff out to Lake Minnewanka. Each route could run daily round trips during the seasonal period and could operate between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm. Services would be integrated into the Banff local and Banff/Canmore regional services to optimize passenger movement and connectivity.

It is anticipated that there will be integrated Smart Card-enabled fare products to connect to all the transit services offered by the BVRTSC. Buses will have the NextBus passenger information system to accurately inform users when to expect the next bus at any of the bus stops. Environmentally sensitive buses will be purchased to minimize greenhouse emissions and maximize environmental stewardship.